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Writer, Director, DoP, Editor
Strarring Bloom Li (Chang Can Dunk)

XAN (20s) flies back to New York after his mothers recent 'departure', where he spends a night in her old apartment, in her absence.

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Showreel: Showreel
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Short, Family Drama

Premiered at Tribeca Film Festival 2021

Co-Writer & Script Supervisor

After an ICE raid, a Nigerian immigrant father must tell his son why his mother is not coming home.

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Short, Drama

CalAsian Chamber of Commerce

Writer & Director

A phone rings, and, via voicemail, the news of a hate crime against a family member is relayed from mother to children. They’ll have to finish cooking by themselves.

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han (for iris chang)

Experimental, Short Film,
Historical Fiction,

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a fusion of histories & lineages in the wake of the second Sino-Japanese war.

part one is told from the perspective of a victim of wartime atrocities;

part two details her bastard daughter's movement through life in America, discovering that her father isn't her biological father;

part three sees the granddaughter reckoning with the things (material & spiritual) her mother & grandmother did & didn't leave for her. 

words are my own, footage is mostly public domain but for the last sequence.

dedicated to the memory of those lost to war (here, the Second Sino-Japanese War), & those lost to & in the name of history (here, to Iris, one of its champsions)

more about the Comfort Women:


more about the Rape of Nanking:

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Pilot, Screenplay, Limited Series,
Heist-Western, Historical Fiction

To save their safe haven, a band of heroes from a Chinese mining town,
along with a feared Chinese gunslinger, plan a train heist.


Semifinalist, ScreenCraft TV Pilot Script Competition 2022

Semifinalist, ScreenCraft True Story & Public Domain Competition 2022

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Feature, Screenplay, Family Drama 

After a decade away, twenty-something Jo returns to his childhood home to witness its demolition.

Here, in its last days, during a Winter Storm, he is finally forced to reconcile his tenuous relationship with his late father via the lives of those his father touched –– including Leslie, an old flame and once-best friend, who became his father’s caretaker in Jo’s absence.

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Experimental, Short Film

An exploration of the car as a transient space of escape, reflection, memory, and a reflector/creator of one’s navigation of the world.

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